Howdon Jetty Inspection


Port of Tyne Authority





The inspection of a timber, concrete and steel-piled jetty to assess the structural condition above and below water, ascertaining its suitability for on-going use.

Inspections were carried out by DTA personnel from a support vessel to assess and report upon the condition of the supporting structure above water, while a dive team was employed to gauge the condition below. DTA also carried out surface level inspections to further report on the condition of the jetty at deck level.

DTA prepared a comprehensive series of reports for use by the Client, detailing the outcome of the inspections and the remedial works required to bring the jetty back to working condition. 

Key Features

  • Structural appraisal of mixed construction marine jetty.
  • Determination of defects and potential faults above and below water.
  • Proposals for suitable remedial works in order to maintain the working condition of the jetty.
  • Assessment of potential berthing solutions on behalf of the Client.
  • Third party diving personnel.

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