Chilton Biomass Energy Centre


Dalkia, Veolia



Chilton Biomass Energy Centre is a 17.5MW capacity renewable energy centre in County Durham that burns ‘life-expired’ waste wood products to power the steam turbine that supplies electricity direct to the National Grid via an 11kV/66kV auto-tap changing transformer.

Further to our recent works on the adjacent biomass pellet facility, DTA undertook the 11kV infrastructure, metering, earthing, fault level study and protection design for the site.  Part of these works also included the complex design and commissioning of the 11kV and 0.4kV inter tripping circuitry between the local DNO, 66kV/11kV, 11kV/0.69kV & 11kV/0.4kV transformers, 11kV switchboards and steam turbine in order that the onerous conditions required by OFGEM and the DNO to connect the supply to the national grid were met.

DTA completed the design with the multi-national design team that was assembled to complete one of the first very large scale waste wood burning plants in the UK. The design and detailed commissioning of the plant items and cabling was under taken under the guidance and supervision of DTA both on site and off site for the factory and site acceptance testing of critical plant items.

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