Apollo Pasmore Pavilion, Peterlee


Easington District Council




Structural and Electrical

Structural inspection, survey and restoration of a listed town landscape sculpture created by renowned planner and architect Victor Pasmore in celebration of the 1969 moon landing, in addition to the design and installation of recessed feature lighting to replace existing corroded and damaged systems.

Years of neglect and vandalism resulted in numerous structural deficiencies apparent throughout; DTA carried out a thorough inspection of the sculpture, cataloguing the remedial works required and preparing a schedule of works to be submitted for Lottery funding and the necessary conservation approvals.  Particular attention was paid to the materials involved due to the high sensitivity to pollution of the lake over which the Pavilion spans.  

Completion of the works also included the reintroduction of 2No. staircases, providing a pedestrian thoroughfare through the sculpture that had previously been removed due to the state of disrepair.

Key Features

  • Restoration of a rare example of large-scale synthesis of art and architecture.
  • Wide ranging reinforced concrete structural deficiencies brought on by long term neglect.
  • Listed landscape requiring conservation approvals.
  • Pollutant sensitive landscape.
  • Feature lighting installed to enhance the impact of the structure at night, replacing existing inoperative and corroded systems.

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