Jubilee Quay


City of Sunderland & Port of Sunderland




Structural, Electrical and Civil

DTA were commissioned by the Port of Sunderland to undertake the Civil, Structural & Electrical Engineering Design associated with the refurbishment of an existing Quay for the import/export of international goods and materials.  

The main design requirement was to provide a gradient along the finished surface that allowed overland surface water flow to a new drainage outlet to negate ponding in low spots/areas.  In addition, the Client stipulated that the planned design should incorporate minimum hardstanding gradients to allow for trafficking by large cranes due to the nature of the end usage of the Quay.

The scheme includes a flexible pavement construction, surface water collection via a large slot drain and 2No. lighting masts.  The surface water drainage includes a bypass/petrol interceptor constructed to EA regulations; the clean water is then discharged to sea via a concrete outfall.

A number of electrical ducts were installed to feed the lighting masts and petrol interceptor and provide spare capacity for future works.

Key Features

  • Conventional drainage design.
  • Channel drainage systems.
  • Pavement, Regrading and Levels Design.
  • Electrical Design.
  • Provision of new purpose built interceptor and RC outfall.
  • Consultation with Environment Agency and Maritime Management Organisation.

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