Marley Park Community Fire Station


City of Sunderland





DTA were commissioned by City of Sunderland to undertake the Civil Engineering Drainage and Hardstanding Design associated with the construction of a new fire station and associated facilities.  

The scheme included separate foul and surface water systems leading into a combined connection to the existing NWL sewer.

The surface water drainage system included a fire training storage tank, forecourt separator, attenuation tank and a pressurised rainwater recovery (greywater) system connecting back to the building and required careful consideration. 

The Client stipulated that the car park must withstand/avoid rutting of the final surface by the large fire engines trafficking the area; this resulted in the specification of a heavy duty SMA (in consultation with Lafarge Tarmac) in order to signficantly increase the proposed car park’s design life.

Key Features

  • Conventional drainage design.
  • Greywater recycling.
  • Surface water attenuation.
  • Channel drainage systems.
  • Pavement design.
  • Levels Design.

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